Michael Zimecki. Attorney. Author. Crime Aficionado.

cropped-ZimeckiHeadshot_FEB14-006-copy.jpgI write fiction, nonfiction and plays while continuing to work as an attorney.  Born in inner-city Detroit, I did turns as a steelworker, advertising copywriter, medical editor and teacher before practicing law.

My work has appeared in Harper’s MagazineThe National Law JournalCollege English, and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, among other publications.

My novel, Death Sentences, was published by Crime Wave Press , a Hong Kong based fiction imprint.  The novel is based on an incident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in April 2009, when a lone gunman, convinced that the government was coming to take away his guns, had a four-hour standoff with police.  Death Sentences is available through Amazon.

My novella, The History of My Final Illness, about the last five days in the life of Joseph Stalin, was published in Eclectica Magazine.  A play, Negative Velocity,  is a past winner of the New Playwright’s Contest of the Fremont Center Theatre, located in South Pasadena, California.

I live in Pittsburgh with my wife, Susan, and a black cat named Walter White who prefers to be called “Mister.”  I enjoy traveling, swing jazz, fedoras and hard-boiled fiction.


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